Storyline bug :Web objects using side menus on iPad

May 22, 2013

I am on a project where I am using  web objects to display my videos hosted on external video hosting services. I am using dailymotion and my own FTP. I have created this project  and enabled side menu using player setting.

When I publish my project on iPad and view my videos in the normal mode the videos are not in place however if I change it to full screen then videos appear in the correct position. Is this one of those many Storyline bugs still unresolved? or am I missing something to do in the settings

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ganesh,

Sounds like there may be two issues going on here. First, you mentioned that it works fine when you change to "full screen" mode. Are you adjusting the size of the default player? 

If you're modifying the browser size, this isn't supported in the Articulate Mobile Player, or in HTML5. If you're modifying thePlayer size, this is only supported in HTML5. More information can be found here

The second problem I can see is that you're using web objects. Web objects hover over content. So, if you're changing the size of the content, it's going to be placed on top, where it was originally placed. More information can be found in this article

It sounds like this is definitely the case, since the web object appears correctly when you view the course via full screen. 

Can you give a little more information about your project, please? Which method are your using for publishing your course, HTML5 or  are you publishing for the Articulate Mobile Player?


ganesh ubhare

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your reply.

I am attaching the sample project . Just publish it and play it on iPad ( mobile player) and you will see the videos are not in the right position. Make it full screen using gestures and the video will be placed in the correct position (left middle).

I thinks its a bug, as I feel the videos should be in the same position

Also I am using the storyline update 2. have not updated to the new version so if the bug is confirmed its from the previous storyline version.

Please advise.



Christine Hendrickson

Hello again Ganesh,

Thanks very much for the file. Oddly enough, however, I didn't experience quite the same thing.

I noticed that the video is in the wrong place when viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player, but viewing it in full screen view did not correct the issue for me.

I also noticed that you are not using the default story size. I changed this, republished, tested and it looks like it's working pretty well know.

Can you take a look, please?

Testing for Ganesh

Also attaching the file, just in case you want to test and/or upload the modified version.


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