Storyline bugs at the publication

May 11, 2022

Big Storyline problem for me today. For the last 2 days SL has been crashing on a "big" project (about 100 slides). I managed to recover the files each time with some losses but minimal.

However, when I publish, I have items (text zones, buttons, shapes) with text that do not respect the format provided in the slide. As a result, I have text zones with scrollbars, buttons with scrollbars (awful)j, shapes with scrollbars .... THE MISERY!!!

I uninstalled, reinstalled SL. I opened a new project and copied all my slides into this new project. But nothing happens ...

Another thing, I find that SL is slow to give me back the control when I import an image, no matter how big it is. Any ideas?

Thx a lot for your answers ..

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