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Oct 23, 2015

Hi everyone! 

I have created an eLearning containing images, speaker, animations, etc. The total length of the eLearning is 20 minutes. The E-learning was a success, hence it's going to translated into 16 languages, which includes subtitles and translation of questions and other texts. 

This is usually not a problem, but the customer wants all the language versions to be combined in ONE eLearning production. I have done this before with 6 languages but not shore it's possible with 16 languages.

My plane is to keep all text in layers and use a number variable to decide which language that should be showed.  In this way I save space since the images and speaker are only added once to each slide. 

I'm however afraid that Storyline can't handle this project size (have experience this before in other projects when I have worked with films). Hence my questions:  

- Is it possible to combine 16 languages in one production? (Have anyone experience from this?)

-Is my plan the best way to do it or have someone a better suggestion?

-How could I still use the advantages of the translation feature built in to Storyline when combining multiple languages in one Storyline file?

All thoughts and suggestions is appreciated!

Best regard,


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Brian Allen

I agree with Matthew on using a scenes approach for each language.  Allows you to easily take advantage of translation features and it's easy to allow a learner to pick their language at the beginning of the course.  Less work, too, as you don't need to build all the number variables and triggers.  Has worked out well for me.

I don't believe you'll have any problems with incorporating 16 languages into one course, I've seen some pretty large ones built here in the community.

Good luck!

Madeleine Canderudh

Thanks for all the replies. I have done the same as you describes with 6 languages and I don't think Storyline could manage more languages. The file is huge and it takes 10-15 minutes every-time I want to save or preview part of the production. So, even if this alternative is the easiest it is not an option for me. :-S

Brian Allen
Madeleine Canderudh

The file is huge and it takes 10-15 minutes every-time I want to save or preview part of the production.

ugh....  Maybe the layered approach IS best for this specific project then, but I'm not sure how easily the translation features will work going that route.  Seems like you would still need to build 16 courses, go thru the language translation, then combine, which would be a real pain using layers.

Madeleine Canderudh

Thanks, I will take you advice and first try to incorporate the language versions into one production. It's always fun to try how much Storyline can manage. I almost always get pleasantly surprised. :-)

You write that the I need to get the mater version correct. How do you manage the result slides? My experience is that the results slides need to be recreated when importing multiple language in to one production. I think this is because the result variable do not update in the import functionality.  Is there a work around to this problem?

Thanks again!


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