Storyline : Conditions on Results Slide

Hi Heroes!

I am creating a great training about ethics in business, which is a touchy subject. To catch the learners attention, some activities are based on job profil : the learner has to choose his/her profil and has access to the related activities.

I have an issue with the evaluation. I want to track the answers on my LMS, but how do I do with my job profil stuff ?

I thought to create variables based on these profiles, for instance if the variable varManagement = true, I show the Results slide which track the Management profil.

But when it comes to the tracking, I don't know how do to it : I could create a Results Slide of all the results slides but since a learner complete only his/her own profil activities, the others activities will be considered as incomplete, so his/her score will be lower and will not represent his/her real performance.

Is there any way I could fix that problem ?

Thanks a lot.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Salomé!

It sounds like you've got a branching interaction where the learner chooses his or her profile, and then he or she will complete a quiz that is specific to their profile. This thread and this one should get you started in the right direction. I'm interested to see what other tips the community will share here!