Storyline copyin and pasting images / shapes larger and 'off'


I was working on Storyline yesterday when it corrupted.   I managed to save it but since then when I copy and paste or duplicate a slide that was created around 1 hour before the crash happens the images resize and the bottom border shapes rezise and move away from the position.


I had saved a few times before the crash but it was really slow


I have included a sample below.  Any ideas?  More of a niggle than anything.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michelle,

Did you confirm that you were working on local project files? Working off a network/shared drive with your .story or even any inserted files is one of the most common causes of corruption. 

Perhaps it's the image that is causing the issue? Instead of copying or duplicating the image can you try inserting it anew from your local drive?

Felix Franke

Hi Michelle,

Older thread but maybe it helps somebody: Does it actually crash or does it just put the navigation bar in a funny place?

The latter could be caused by a difference in screen size. That looks similar. Check in Design - story-Size if the "canvas" for both projects is the same size.

Apart from that, my AS3 has just crashed on me when copy-pasting about 20 x. Some things seem to copy OK, others don't. Yes, I copied both files to local. Normally working on OneDrive (local but synced), which has been working fine for over a year now...