Storyline Course, Web Object, SuccessFactors LMS, Security Warning

Hi folks!  I need some help:  I have a new client who uses SuccessFactors (formerly Plateau) as their cloud-hosted LMS solution.  I sent the client a Storyline AICC-published test file to check on basic Completion passback and performance of various objects.  The test file itself plays fine, except that when we click the Next button to reach a slide with a Web Object calling a PDF from the client's own (i.e., a different) server onto the slide, then an IE "Security Warning" box pops up: 

"Do you want to view only the web page content that was delivered securely?"   Yes/No

If we click No, then the PDF document loads successfully, but obviously we don't want that message popping up in the middle of the course.  It looks like there is a cross-server issue, since the PDF is not hosted on the same server as the LMS, and I recall running into something like this with other courseware and another LMS some time back.  Has anyone used either the ASP or PHP workarounds mentioned in the support article below, or found some other simple solution?  If so--what specific steps worked for you?

As an alternative, I tried embedding the PDF into the course as a Web Object to be viewed on the slide (the client doesn't want new windows launching), following Mike Ender's directions in the following forum link, but when I view that published slide on my web server, what I see is the contents of the index.html file, not the PDF file that's in the same folder.

Can anyone help?  I think embedding it might be the simplest (even though it means republishing if they update their PDF).  But I can't figure out why Mike's workaround  instructions for embedding the PDF don't work for me.  (I also don't know why embedding a PDF on a slide isn't just one of the options on the menu already--an enhancement I will definitely submit.)  I would greatly appreciate any speedy help, as the client wants to review their Alpha course ASAP. 

Anyone have any answers?  Thanks!

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Andrew Sellon

Hi, Veronica!  Yes, I'm afraid my cry for help on this particular forum topic went unanswered by one and all, which is unfortunate.  :-(  I ended up having to compromise, and embed the PDF as a Web Object using the steps provided by Mike Enders in the link I mention in my prior post.  And happily, someone from Articulate support was able to help me figure out why his instructions weren't working for me: it turns out that the Apple version of NotePad was inserting some unwanted code in the extra "index" file that was causing the PDF to not render properly.  When I did Mike's suggested scripting in NotePad and published to my web server, then the PDF launched in a scrolling window as it was supposed to do.

Publishing the static PDF in a Web Object wasn't my first choice, because if/when the client updates that document, it means they will need to send me the new version, and I'll have to publish a new version of the course, and then they'll have to re-migrate it through their LMS process.  But no one involved could find a way to get around the cross-server issue, at least with Internet Explorer as the browser.  It wasn't possible to reference a document on the client's own server from the course on their Success Factors server without getting that annoying message box.

If you come across a way to make it work sometime, please do let me (and Articulate) know!  In the meantime, I've submitted a suggestion that Articulate at least automate the process of inserting a PDF as a web object, so that people don't have to mess with scripting that extra file and risk running afoul of the wrong text editing tool.  I don't know if they'll do it, but I think they should, and hope they will.

I will say that the AICC publish on Storyline worked flawlessly the first time with the Success Factors LMS, so that was really great.

Good luck!