Storyline Crashing after not being able to Preview

Oct 10, 2014

a number of things here are going wrong with my new sl2,

so im extemely farmiliar with storyline i use it everyday for my yesterday and today three things i come to my attention that is totally getting in the way of my work flow. first and for most...

only on my computer the video parallax backgrounds i have created do not show up in the .html versons when i publish toour server, but not to the desk top. (open base, we have check all servers and know its not the server)

second the crash log i have been getting all morning, right before the storyline crashes...

and third the lack of preview , i cant see me work , i cant preview anything, and after i try to preview i send out the same crash log.

lemme know what ya'll think im getting fusterated being that storyline and sl2 are really glitchy in the first place but have made many projects with video in them and have never had any kind of issues.

hit me back helllllp

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