Storyline 2.0 NO preview, .html video play

Oct 10, 2014

got a lot of problems here and this is the second time im posting , for some reason my other question was not up on the form for anyone to see so lets see if this works.


there is video in the background of my sidles...all mp4 always play for me. unitll yesterday, when for some reason on the server that i post to (server not an issue have posted before to it and nothing went wrong) will not play the background video. so wtf

second, no preview in side of storyline, followed by a crash log report.

thrid, the thing keeps crashing over and over and over again


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Justin and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

For your first post, it must be moderated and there can be a delay. Our team was out of the office on Friday and that is probably what you ran into with your missing question.

It appears that Wendy is assisting you here, but I did want to post as it doesn't appear that Wendy's link may be working above though:

If Articulate Storyline isn't working properly, a simple repair may fix the problem.

justin kliegman


so i did just have our IT deparment look into all of this, and they un and re installed the program, tryed your repair, and it still wont publish or preview the slides, but it does how ever now, preview one slide (and when i mean one, i mean an actual chosen one, not all indvidually work, just this one slide works)

so i'm looking to speek with a customer service rep or something, but its fairly disapointing.

any one have any other suggestions???

Alan Baertschi

I have found that certain individual slides can cause the whole file to crash during a preview attempt. By deleting these problem slides, the preview works again. But I haven't figured out why certain slides became corrupt, just trial and error to find which ones. I think it has something to do with importing from PowerPoint...

Matt Steffeck

Had a similar issue today in SL2. Couldn't preview this one slide and couldn't preview or publish as a whole.

It literally was a process of elimination to find the offending object.

I actually did a select all, and pasted each layer to individual slides and attempted to preview each slide. Once I found the layer that crashed, it was obvious. I had a picture that was in the timeline but was conspicuously absent from the stage (handles were there, but no picture). When I hid the object the slide would also preview successfully. Replaced the image with a fresh one and BOOM the project functioned again.

So in a nutshell:

  1. Find the slide that won't preview by using preview this slide
  2. Cut and paste layers to new slides
  3. Locate the crashing layer by using preview this slide
  4. If the offending object is not immediately apparent hide all elements and make them visible one by one followed by preview this slide. Once it crashes you have a winner!
  5. Delete/Replace the element and restack your layers.

Maybe this will save some folks a bit of time, especially if your computers are as locked down as ours and require IT supportĀ for updates/repairs, etc.

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