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Nov 20, 2013

I think many of you have seen the various weekly challenges posed by David Anderson as seen here:

I recently saw a very cool timeline type design from the Big History Project. Here is the link to the design to which I am referring:

I think the roll overs are pretty straight forward, but I am having trouble replicating what happens when you click on one of the "chapters." Thus, I would love to see other's attempts at replicating the above website design in Storyline...or even something similar but improved. 

So that is my challenge. Is anyone up for it? 


David Baker

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David Anderson

What a great example, David! I love the simplicity in that timeline. I can totally use this example for this week's challenge.

Kevin, your comment reminded me of something I need to clarify better on the challenge posts. The "weekly"  in Weekly Challenge isn't meant to suggest that there are deadlines to the challenges.

We see the weekly challenges as ways for designers to practice their skills while sharing demos and ideas. Hopefully it helps new users build up their skills and elearning portfolios while encouraging more experienced designers to share their expertise.

So the bottom line: Anyone can post their work to any challenge any time they want. Tom will also write highlight posts on specific challenges to give you guys even more exposure.

Personally, if I were still consulting, I'd try to get one sample in on every challenge just to keep my name out there. Of course I know that's not always possible. But since you can go back and add examples, it might work to knock out a few examples in between projects.

David Anderson

David - I can use your suggestion for this week's post. I love that you shared the challenge here in the forums. I have to believe that a lot of users have ideas that they'd like to see in the challenges so hopefully you've just kicked off a new trend

If you do create a sample, please start a new thread so you can increase your engagement with other users. The blog post comments is mostly used to curate all the samples you guys create. It's probably best to post your samples in the forums or even on your own blogs so you increase your visibility.

Can't thank you enough for this suggestion, David!

Brian Allen

Kevin Thorn said:

Hey David,

Perhaps re-brand it as "Monthly Challenge" and post it the first Monday of the month. That'll give everyone a month to submit and see other's work for inspiration. With it always open to submit to any Monthly challenge thereafter, yet a new one each month.

Brilliant idea, and David I do like the idea of having a baseline starting point for some of the challenges

David Anderson

Good questions, Brian.

The challenges are mostly tool agnostic. Even PowerPoint could be used in all but one of the challenges. 

I really liked the challenges Jerson put together a few months back. We saw some amazing entries, but those were bigger challenges that spanned a month or more. For the weeklies, I wanted quick-hit activities that anyone (regardless of skill level) could build in about an hour. Admittedly, I think some folks are putting more time into their demos but that's cool, too

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