Storyline drag and drop triggers


I'm trying to create a simple slide whereby a user drags an item (in my case, a card) to one of several targets, and if the user selects the correct target, a few things happen:

* the next card appears

* audio plays

I'm able to do both of those things, using drag-and-drop freeform for the first item, and then a trigger for the second item.

But I also need any audio that is already playing to stop when a card is dropped.  In nosing around the trigger capabilities, it looks like you can say things like "stop media A when item B is dropped onto targets C, D, or E."  Unless I'm missing something, It does NOT look like you can say something like "stop ALL media when ANY object is dropped onto targets C, D, or E".  This means that I need to write a whole slate of rules to handle several combinations of media objects and cards, which seems inefficient and hard to maintain.

Am I right that what i'm describing above is the only way to what i"m after?  Or are there more global-level triggers that can say things like "stop all media"?

Thanks in advance.

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