Storyline elements not showing on Moodle Mobile

Feb 04, 2019

Hi everyone

We are experiencing some strange happenings with Storyline 360 when using SCORM packages on a web version of Moodle vs Moodle mobile.  These are for SCORM packages published in HTML5.

E.g. we a line of text with a "swipe" animation which appears as expected on Moodle web but when viewed on Moodle Mobile, it fades instead.

Also, we have a circle shape featuring a number that we use as a countdown time (fade animiations from 15-1) then works as expected on Moodle web, but on Moodle Mobile, the animation happens but there is no number contained within the shape.

Any ideas why we are facing this inconsistency?



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Hi both

Thanks for the response - and useful for pointing out the masking animations too - didn't know that :) - will use sparingly!

Crystal, whilst Matt's kind answer assists with the swipe animation, do you know why the shape element featuring text wouldn't show up?  I've tested this on Mobile Safari and the text within the shape still doesn't show up (the shape is set to fade in and out if that matters?).

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