storyline file size

Mar 17, 2023

I have a storyline view scene that I published to Review 360, it did not give me any error and yet nothing was created. I however was able to publish it locally for manual upload.

I was wondering what the acceptable file size for publish to Review 360.


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Luciana Piazza

Hi Sonya, 

Thanks so much for reaching out.  Sorry to hear you're running into a snag when publishing to Review 360. Happy to help!

We do not have a recommended file size, but there is a size limit for projects published to Review 360. The maximum size for each published project is 5GB.

I'd like to pass along an article with solutions for common publishing errors to Review 360:

(Perhaps there is an internet issue or a port requirement for your network. This article includes common issues users have experienced.)

If you're still having difficulty, I'd be happy to take a closer look at your specific file. Please upload your .story file to this thread when you have the chance or privately in a support case, and I can investigate this further with you! 

Any other questions, just let us know. 

Have a great start to your week! 😊