Storyline Files & Dropbox

We (faculty district-wide) are having issues with saving Storyline files to Dropbox.  This has not been an issue for the last year but within the last month (not this last update but the one before) we're suddenly being told that our files are being used by other processes, forcing us to save copies, and being unable to sync.  Dropbox hasn't changed but Articulate has.  What's going on?  Does anyone have a fix?  We're able to still sync and use Dropbox as usual with every other type of file except Storyline.

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John Hudson

This started happening to us in the same time frame. Often the only way we can save a file is to pause dropbox syncing first. If you don't, even a File Save As will not work. It partially creates a file with the new name but does not complete the save. The characteristics of the problem are identical to what Abby described above. 

Becky Beyea

This exact thing has been happening with my files for months.  I have multiple multiple copies of the same files because it keeps asking me to do this. 

What is the proper way to close a project?  File>Close, then exit the app?? 

I typically save to a network drive.  But we are about to switch protocols to save to our local drive and then copy to network drive.

John Hudson

With the DropBox client installed, we are always saving to our hard drive. DropBox then synchronizes with the cloud automatically. Whatever changed in Storyline a few months ago gets in the way of this process. When you are working with lots of Storyline files, remembering to turn DropBox on and off , or manually copying files is not a particularly efficient way to work. There is no issue with any other application and this process worked fine with Storyline until recently, so there should be a technical explanation and solution.