Storyline Files on Multiple Computers

Apr 08, 2013

How do we work with Storyline files with a team of developers?  We're using Dropbox to share files, but the absolute link to the Dropbox folder is different on each computer, which breaks the links to any external files. How do we get around this without resetting the pathway each time a different user works on the file?

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Larry Pickle

Thanks, Peter!  We're not actually using any network at all.  There are 2 of us using 2 stand alone computers, and we use Dropbox to share files.  Here's the problem...

Let's say Developer A creates a Storyline file, which includes links to say a PDF. Bother the Storyline file and the PDF are in Dropbox. When Developer B opens that same Storyline file via Dropbox, the links to the PDF still point to the specific absolute path from Developer A's machine. Since Dropbox is viewed as a local folder and is typically stored in the user's directory on their machine, this literal path will be different for every computer.

So, is there a way to use relative links or some other strategy that allows 2 different machines to work out of Dropbox on a source Storyline file with links to other files also in Dropbox?

Peter Anderson

Hi Larry!

Thanks for clarifying. And I think you're correct; the path for the PDF wouldn't be able to be located after sending the project to your other developer. The best solution might be to move the Dropbox to a non-user-specific folder on each machine. So instead of C:\Users\Peter\Dropbox\mydoc.pdf, something more like C:\Dropbox\.

Here's how to move it.

Think that'll work?

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