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I've created a 360 module but when I share with coworkers (through Articulate Review or by publishing to shared website), the fonts are jumbled, improperly spaced or letters missing. Two examples: roboto and calibri.


Cindy Clemens  (; 704.622.3175)


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Jeff Forrer

Good day.  I opened and published your file here:

I could not replicate the issue you are seeing.  Does this link look ok on your end?  I am using the SL 360 build from Nov 19.

Sometimes I look at all the fonts that are in my file and replace with just the ones I want (see attachment) just in case a font you don't want sneaks in.

NOTE: I also added a blank page with a trigger set to jump to next slide when timeline ends, with the timeline set to 1/2 sec, this makes it so that the Play button does not show up initially (in case you don't want that, when SL has audio on the first slide in a file, the browser detects that audio and adds a play button).

Typically the jumbled issue happens for me when I don't have a font or the font is corrupt on my machine.  If the Roboto Light font is the issue here, try replacing the font on your system (with Storyline closed), once the font is reinstalled, then open SL and republish.

Good luck!