Storyline Freezes When Publishing?

Nov 30, 2015

Hello Everyone, 

I continuously run into an issue when publishing courses to my desktop (LMS, AICC). When I select "Publish" the application will freeze, and the blue publishing progress bar never appears. The workaround I am using currently when I am ready to publish is to save my progress, quit the Storyline application, and then reopen. If I publish right away after opening, I never run into the freezing issue. Any recommendations so that I do not have to restart the application every time I want to publish?

When developing interactive screens with animations, triggers, layers, etc, I will typically publish 8-10 times an hour to see how my modifications impact the full-screen published version. Restarting the application before publishing each time is tedious to say the least. 

Thank You

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Heather Warner

I am using the current version of Storyline, but the publishing process is still hanging.

I have restarted my computer, shutdown the computer, uninstalled and re-installed Storyline, and I have tried publishing 1-2 slides with no content.

I have plenty of space on my computer and I have attempting to publish to the same local drive I have been using.

Any thoughts?

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