Storyline FTP feature = "0 matches total" ??

Sep 06, 2012

Hi folks --

When I use the built-in FTP feature to upload my module onto a server, perhaps a third of the time the FTP attempt aborts with a mysterious alert box:  "0 matches total."   This appears after it has already asked things like "that folder does not exist on the server, do you want to create it?"  and so forth, so it has clearly located the server and is set to go.

Have others seen this?   There's no denying it's a bug, because even if this only occurs when my internet access hiccups (would be very strange, my net access is fine, when I FTP with filezilla it doesn't abort much or ever) ... even if it WAS due to a connectivity problem, the error message shouldn't say "0 matches total."

happened to me probably 5-6 times on varying days, etc.

thanks --eric

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dana

I have Filezilla and I have done a quick video that may help you.

It starts from when the published folder is already upload to the file server.

You right click the story.html file and select 'copy to clipboard'

then paste into url address bar.

You will see the beginning extension of ftpxxxxx this needs to be removed and your website address added e.g.

this is the FTP address

this is my website address so the bold part needs to be changed to

If you click the first link you will get an error OR it will ask you to log in with a username and password

Clicking the second link takes you to the web address.

Hope this helps

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