Storyline hangs up when publishing to Word

I've searched the Forum for this problem, and although I've seen a few other issues regarding publishing to Word (Storyline), I haven't seen a fix for this. Sorry if I missed it.

When I publish to Word it goes through the cycle saying it published the file, and then it hangs up. This dialog pops up behind ArticulateThis also occurs when I publish Quizmaker files to Word; however, I was able to close this dialog and it would publish. (Irritating). I do not have the problem with Engage.

But Storyline just gives an output folder that is empty.

My operating system is 64 bit. I use Windows 7 and Office 2010. This looks like it's trying to emulate 86 bit and use a Word 97_2003 Word template.

File naming conventions are ok, and I"m publishing to C drive.

Any suggestions? 


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