Storyline hosting on Amazon S3...

Feb 13, 2015

I've read through the article here regarding hosting on Amazon:    The article is pretty old though, and I was wondering if all that info is still current. Anyone hosting content on Amazon? Any pointers or caveats to watch out for? Do visitors need to login to Amazon to access your content or is there a way to accomplish single sign-on from an LMS? Thanks!


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David Elcock

I realize that this is an old question.  I hope that I can build on the previous discussion instead of launching a new one.  I've followed all of the instructions and still cannot view my course content when uploaded to Amazon S3.

Published Storyline content to web in Storyline. Check.
Used Cloudberry to copy all course files to S3. Check.
Changed story.html file to index.html. Check.
Set permissions to public in S3. Check.

When I click on the course URL, either the screen is completely blank, with my course title on the tab, or I get a screen with the words "Next" and "Previous" in the corner.  In either case, it first appears as if the course is loading. Then . .  nothing.  Any help?

David Elcock

Hi Leslie.  Yes there is an access key requirement on the S3 side.  The S3 keys are also correct on the Cloudberry side.  All works according to the article: files move over fine, the URLs appear on both sides, and the links are marked as Public.  Still no course playback.

I followed the directions on Tom's latest blog, as well. I suspect a simple fix, but am at a total loss at this point.  Thank you - and anyone else who can lend a hand towards resolution!!