Storyline .html file isn't working in browsers

Nov 26, 2014


I thought this was my issue or something that Google sites may have changed in the File Cabinet code, but now that I'm training with SNHU and have had the opportunity to see that they are also having issues, I thought I'd pose the question. Here's some background first:

1. I had uploaded my storyline content to Google sites, building the folders using the File Cabinet feature. This is the structure when creating a File Cabinet:

File Cabinet Structure

Note the structure is the same as the Storyline output folder.

2. Then I opened the main folder (Travel Guide) to find the link I would use to create hyperlinks on my website.


3. Google Sites seems to have changed the code. Note that the only viewable link is the story.swf file. If I click the Download link under the story.html file, the Open dialog box appears and clicking open then takes me to a blank browser page.

Storyline file opened in new tab not playing

4. The file background color is black, so you can't see the NEXT PREV text on the blank page, but this is exactly the same issue I came across in my SNHU training.

When I published my Storyline file, I chose to publish to Web. I don't know what SNHU publishes to, but my guess would be they publish to LMS, since they are using Blackboard.

So, is there something I am missing? Is it a browser thing (I tried both Firefox and Chrome) or is it something else?

Note: I've also contacted my trainers at SNHU and they are having the same issue. They've also said that their same Storyline file played just fine last month. 

Does anyone have any insight?



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Mike Enders

Hi Cathy,

This is outside my realm of expertise, but are there any other settings that are available to play with?  Here's an article that talks about loading a course to Google drive.   It may provide some insight:



Cathy Edwards

Woohoo! It works!

I don't know what I was or wasn't doing before when I read those instructions, but it works now.

Thanks so much! :-)

Now if only my trial version hadn't ended. :-( It seems that one section of the travel guide is not working...sigh...

Cody Salinas

Hi, Cathy.

My company uses Google Apps for Business (similar to your Google Apps for Education), and I confirmed the only way to view Storyline output in Google Sites is to access the story.swf file.

The bummer about that is any clickable hyperlinks you build into your project don't work in the .swf file. If I do use Sites to host content (usually quick-reference interwebs tools), I typically include links in the Resources tab and instruct learners to access links from there. Otherwise, I use my LMS for all courses.

I keep hoping Google Drive (for Google Apps) will work in the same manner Mike demonstrates, and I usually check once a month for that functionality. Alas, Google Apps users still can't use Drive if they've restricted access to domain accounts only.


For Google Apps users who wants to learn how to use Sites to host content:

  1. Publish your project to Web (saving to Desktop for easy reference).
  2. Create a New Page. 
  3. Name and Create the page. Make sure it matches the output folder exactly. 
  4. Upload all the files in the output folder. 
  5. Create a new page.
  6. Name the new page story_content, and select the Put page under... radio dial. This creates a hierarchy that Google Sites can understand.
  7. Upload all the files from the story_content folder on your desktop.
  8. Repeat Steps 5-7 except this time, name the page slides and ensure the Put page under... radio dial is selected.
  9. When finished, open the story.swf file by clicking on the View link.




Cathy Edwards

Yes...Thanks Cody.

I've realized that using Google Drive vs using Google Sites is a whole lot easier when it comes to not only being able to view hyperlinks from within the storyline file, but also a lot easier (and faster) when it comes to uploading using Chrome.

Thanks again for extending the trial version of SL2 as well. It's come in handy in regards to making a few edits and polishing some of my other sample files for my portfolio.

Now...all I need is a job. ;-)

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