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Nov 29, 2012

Google Sites is a hosted web site tool where the creation and editing is done on-line. There is no uploading to an FTP server, at least not one that is visible to the user.

I wanted to put an Articulate Storyline presentation up but the output files are designed for upload to FTP. There is; however, a page type on Google Sites called File Cabinet. When I saw that the  File Cabinet pages could be arranged hierarchically, I thought I would try using those to duplicate the file structure of the Articulate Storyline web output. I simply named the upper level page the same as ...output folder and the lower level page story_content and copied in the respective files. I then copied the address from the "view" link of the story.swf file in the output folder and used it to create a link on the page from which I wanted to run the presentation. As it turned out, it works very well.


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Pummi  Bais

Hi David:

Thanks for sharing the idea!  I am not very much familiar with Google and I have only gmail email account other than that I have not used

for anything.  Can you please guide me, what type of account I would need to get posted these at the Google Sites?  Any type of

assistance will be highly appreciated.  Again GREAT Idea!


Pummi Bais 

fbs 419

Do you know if there's a way to run story.html, rather than story.swf from google sites?  I need to do this for Tin Can purposes.  When I try running the .html file, it just gives me a download link.  Creating a new link also just gives me a download when I fire it up in a browser.  I also tried with wix, but wix doesn't seem to allow you to upload external content (and doesn't seem to have file cabinet capability).  I guess it's not a hosting service.  Any success running an .html with either google sites or wix -- especially running an .html file from Google Sites.


Dave Roach

Using David's instructions above, I have been able to publish to Google sites.  Everything looks fine with one major (for me) exception: Links to You Tube videos don't work (I don't think any links work, but I've focused on YouTube videos since they are a major component of what I've developed over the past couple of years.).  Does anyone have any suggestions for getting links to work.

 I've tried both inserting a hyperlink (and embedding, etc.) and inserting a web object.  The links work in tempshare and the guy at support got them to work on Google drive.  When I publish to CD, everything works (locally).  When I publish to Web, everything but the links works fine.  When I copy everything to Google Sites, everything but the links works fine.

I'm using Storyline 1.  Does anyone know if Storyline 2 works better (easier/faster)?  Using the instructions above, it takes a good 15 minutes to copy all the files for a project that's not all that large.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

I haven't heard that YouTube links don't work - and that would be a surprising element to me. Have you looked at testing on another site, just to confirm you've set the links up correctly? You could also try tempshare as another testing platform. 

In regards to Google drive, I know that they changed some of the structure recently, so you'll want to make sure you're using the correct link to share that with users to access the course. 

Dave Roach

The links do work(a) on tempshare and (b) when I "publish to CD". They don't work (a) on Google Sites or (b) when I select "publish to web." I can put any links I want on Google Sites itself. It's just not as seamless (for my students) as having links that I can embed in Storyline.

For now, I a downloading my YouTube videos as MP4s. They work when I "insert video." So, at least I can use videos I made (but I suspect I'll soon run out of space on Google). I just can't link to YouTube videos someone else made (which is a problem).

Ashley Priest

I didn't think so, but I really appreciate the quick response! If there are alternative solutions I would be interested.  I'm used to working with an LMS but need to make something publicly accessible yet able to gather data for a new project.  Just curious as to how others without an LMS are able to do it. Thanks Ashley!

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