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Nov 29, 2012

Google Sites is a hosted web site tool where the creation and editing is done on-line. There is no uploading to an FTP server, at least not one that is visible to the user.

I wanted to put an Articulate Storyline presentation up but the output files are designed for upload to FTP. There is; however, a page type on Google Sites called File Cabinet. When I saw that the  File Cabinet pages could be arranged hierarchically, I thought I would try using those to duplicate the file structure of the Articulate Storyline web output. I simply named the upper level page the same as ...output folder and the lower level page story_content and copied in the respective files. I then copied the address from the "view" link of the story.swf file in the output folder and used it to create a link on the page from which I wanted to run the presentation. As it turned out, it works very well.


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Sam Hernandez

I was finally able to get this to work by using Github. I created a free account and uploaded the whole folder rendered when publishing my Storyline project for web access. The only change I made was to change the story.html file to index.html. First, I followed Github's tutorial on creating a repository. It asks that you name it something generic, but I ended up having to change it later. So, make sure to follow that naming convention in the hosting directly from repository tutorial. Step one on the hosting tutorial is VERY important; it won't work if the naming convention is not followed. Once I figured that out, I copied the link it provided me something like

I then inserted an iframe gadget to my Google Site page and used the Github url. I previewed it both on Chrome and Firefox and it works!

Sam Hernandez

Not sure if your tablet has anything to do with it since I used my PC, and my FTP experience is nonexistent. However, I did get an error while trying to upload all the Storyline files, so I uploaded one of the folders and the single files then OK'd out of the screen. Went back to the upload option and uploaded the mobile folder alone. It took it and seems to work well. Try uploading it alone.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

I'm sorry that you're running into some roadblocks with this - Google Drive and Dropbox changed the way that they were allowing for the hosting of .html files, and both have discontinued that as a service. We've been recommended Amazon S3 for folks to continue using, and it is described how to upload here.

You'll also want to confirm that the tablet you're accessing it from meets the system requirements here and that when you go to publish for web you're selecting to include the HTML5 output. 

Ken Cook

You rock girl. :)

That being said, that is insanely complicated to publish. Still, now that have have the S3 account set up and the cloudberry account as well it'll be a lot less complicated in the future. I hoping the big announcement will simplify this process for mobile devices.

Thanks so much. :) BTW, my mobile device processor is 1.6mHz and it seems to run the program without any problems. Hover state is so so, but it works.

Ken Cook

I'm using Samsung's 18.4" Galaxy View. Thing is a beast, but the published output uses a higher percentage of the screen than the PC version so despite being mobile it actually outputs a larger published output than my PC version. Not quit as crisp graphically, but this project is on highly technical hospital equipment and it's theory of operation so it works well. Thanks again.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Angel,

This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure that David is still subscribed here. You are certainly welcome to reach out to the user directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back soon.

Otherwise, hopefully some other members of the community will be able to chime in and share how they are using Google to help you out here.

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