Storyline HTML5 output and sidebar issues

Jan 22, 2013

I am having issues making the sidebar behave properly in HTML5. We are delivering lessons on the iPad. The lessons have no menu but whenever we output the course the menu is there fully functional. I can go in and delete all the elements in the menu but then a blank sidebar is displayed. We are using the Notes in the sidebar as a Transcript of the audio; this tab - re-labelled "Transcript"- is SUPPOSED to me the default tab in the sidebar. It is not. Instead I have a blank  tab unless I click the tab to make it display the Notes/Transcript.

Has anyone else had issues like these?

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Randall Sauchuck

I received the reply from your support staff. Thanks for replying quickly. Unfortunately he confirmed that HTML 5 implementation is causing the issue I am seeing and that there is no work around for my Transcript/Notes problem ( that the user must clcik the already active default tab to have the content displayed - unlike the Flash version which works as expected). He also confirmed that my workaround for the omnipresent menu (deleting all of its content before publishing) did work. 

My suspicion is that the HTML element that contains the menu items is not being hidden properly whether the meu checkbox is unchecked or the menu is empty and that its z-index is also incorrect despite the settings in the player dialog.  

Randall Sauchuck


I talked with the Support Team. They verified my complaint and said it would be put into the queue of items that need to be fixed in a future release. My guess is that even though the Menu TAB is disabled and removed the menu CONTENT area is not.That is why all the menu elements must be removed before publishing. But that means there is an empty container in the way of the content you really want to be the default. We told our client that users must click on the "Transcript (Notes)" tab to "activate" the Transcript.and they accept that though they aren't thrilled.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for sharing the css coding changes you made to make this work for you, and if you'd like us to take a look at the original file to determine what went wrong, we're happy to do so! You can share a copy of the .story file (which is the file prior to publishing) with our Support Engineers by uploading it using the form here. 

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