Storyline HTML5 output crash on iPad

May 13, 2013

Hi, I've got a course developed in Storyline, imported from PPT file with basic animation and minor adjustments. I published it to Flash and HTML5 version (Articulate Mobile APP is not a viable option to our client), and everything runs smoothly on desktop PC. (even the HTML5 version runs fine on Google Chrome) But when I uploaded the course to the LMS (I've tested on all 3 LMSs: Saba, ScormCloud, and another LMS) and launch it from iPad (iPad2 in this case), the course appear to load the loading wheel, and suddenly shut everything down. Basically, it didn't get to the opening screen with the "Play" button. I've never came across this behavior before, please advice?

I can upload the package file(s) somewhere...


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