Storyline icon turned white

Aug 30, 2016

Hi. After I upgraded Storyline 2, the icon that represents a Storyline file turned white on all of my files. Also, the type of file is listed as "Articulate Storyline Story." You can see the example below. Any ideas how to fix it?   Thank you!

white icon and type example


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Crystal Horn

Hi Melissa.  This issue with your Storyline icons turning white was discovered with the release of the latest version.  I'm sorry about that!  I know that Storyline icon is super helpful, especially when your "My Articulate Projects" folder gets heavy like mine does.  I feel your pain.

There isn't a workaround at this time to fix it, but our QA team is aware and they're investigating what can be done.  I'll add you to the report, and we'll be able to update you as soon as we can with more information.

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