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Apr 18, 2018

Hey all, 
I am making this course on teaching the audience how to use an app. I am currently on lights section and have got most of it to work.

Here is what it is suppose to do: When the toggle is turned "on" it goes from white to yellow, the slider moves to the right and turns yellow and the light icon next to the name of the light turns purple. When the toggle is turned "off", the switch goes back to white, the slide moves to the left and shows just the ball (yellow part is hidden), and the light icon turns back to grey. Along with if the users decides to move the slider to the right, then the toggle turns on (yellow) and the light icon turns purple. If the user wants to move the slider to the left, then the toggle turns off (white) and the light icon turns to grey. 

What I have working so far.... The sliders work for on and off. They turn on the toggle and the light icon, then turn the toggle off and the light to grey. PERFECT. The toggle is another story. If you click the toggle once the slider only moves and the light does not turn purple. IF you click the toggle again, the slider stays on but the light icon then changes to purple. Once you drag the slider to "off" then you can't click the toggle anymore. 

I really need help figuring this out. The light is an image that is in a hidden state, the toggle is a picture with normal and selected states, and the slider is an image that I inserted in the "thumb styles", hidden by the background so you can't see the "yellow line/bar". Hope that all made sense. I have attached slide here.

Thank you,

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Walt Hamilton

Part of the problem is this trigger:


Whether the light is on or off, when you click here it is turned on. You need to delete it and just let the built-in trigger for the selected state do its thing.

Then that exposes the problem with this trigger:


"When state is ..." is a very alluring and beautiful flower. But when you pick it, it turns out to be ashes. It sometimes works if the timing is right and you are lucky, but in reality can be trusted only in the conditions portion of a trigger.

Take a look at this sample, where I made those changes to the porch light.

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