Storyline Keep Crashing

Feb 01, 2024

Storyline crashes when I try to preview or do a screen recording. This happens even when I preview a single screen.

After the crash, I would re-open the file; sometimes it would complete the preview and sometimes crash again.

I've tried with working on a clean template with no content just headings and when I preview, it still crashes.
I have cleaned my temporary storage as suggested by the community and I have followed the steps to quickly repair Storyline, but nothing works.
One of the posts on the community platform suggested that one should work from a local hard drive, which I am doing, but yet it crashes.
I have asked our IT person to check it, she uninstalled it and when she tried to run it as an administrator, it crashed again.

Please assist with this challenge. I see some community members have posted about the same issue, any help will be appreciated.

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Jose Tansengco


I'm sorry to hear that you ran into this issue. 

Since you've already tried doing a quick repair, please follow the steps here to fix your Storyline 360 installation by lowering certain computer restrictions on your machine that could be causing Storyline 360 to not run properly. 

If the issue persists, follow these steps to remove all Articulate 360 files and registry keys from your computer, so we can start completely fresh:

1) Close the Articulate 360 desktop app by right-clicking the Articulate icon in your computer's system tray (by the clock) and choosing "Quit."

2) Go to your Control Panel and uninstall all Articulate 360 apps, including the Articulate 360 desktop app, Peek 360, Replay 360, Storyline 360, and Studio 360.

3) Download and extract this zip file on your computer:

4) Right-click the 360cleanup.bat file and choose "Run as administrator." The script should only take a few seconds to remove all the Articulate files and registry keys from your computer.

5) Reboot your computer.

6) Download the latest Articulate 360 desktop app here:

7) Right-click the articulate-360.exe file and choose "Run as administrator."

8) Launch the Articulate 360 desktop app and click "Install" beside each authoring app you want to install.

9) Reboot your computer and test your Articulate apps.

Let me know if the issue has been fixed. I want to make sure we get you up and running as quickly as possible.