Storyline keeps crashing (20 times in 10 minutes)

Oct 12, 2012

Good afternoon, as you can expect this is not the type of thing I've come to expect from Articulate products.

I am inserting images into my storyline presentation (currently only 13mb)  and that seems to be fine.  What I am experiencing is, every time I try to sync up images with an audio file the program crashes almost instantly.  I have used your forums to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the flash player, and have moved all files from the network drive to my local C: drive.  I've done everything I can from my side to try and avoid this issue, however I'm out of ideas.  I would appreciate a prompt reply if possible.  

I've also attached my .story file.  


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Steve Flowers

Hi, Jason -

Sorry to hear you're dealing with crash-fever. Did this start all of a sudden or did you recently install? If it's recent, this could be a corrupted installation. You might try uninstalling Storyline and reinstalling.

It is Windows. As a former support guy, I feel obligated to utter the most annoying, yet useful, phrase in the Windows support vocabulary "did you restart your Windows machine?"

jason rector

Hey Steve,

no problem I also assist with customer support so I understand the want to help!  I have re installed SL, updated my flash player, ran a resources file supplied by Articulate staff, and still to no avail.  I would say that this has happened recently as I have really started digging into SL to see how creative I can be to execute learning experiences as we require.  

In the past days (full work days in SL)  I've really noticed this issue and now it's simply unusable in its current state =(

Alastair  Moore

Hi Jason

We're currently trying out Storyline for a new project after finally becoming disillusioned with Studio Pro 09. We now despise Studio Pro but have faith in Articulate and its dedicated platform model. Still, the transition to Storyline has not been without teething issues. We are experiencing the same issue that you are, albeit not quite as severe, but it seems random to us and can't pin down a cause. We are experiencing crashes, which we have seen duplicated with varying frequency, over three different PCs. At it's worst we are experiencing maybe 20-25 crashes a day on our primary PC.

I mention this more in solidarity than anything else since we haven't come up with a solution yet! :-( Good luck and we'll updated this thread if we come up with a solution. We're about to log a case with Articulate support.



Our primary PC Specs:

Windows 7

i7 processor


1 GB dedicated GPU

Alastair  Moore

Hi Katherine

My original post was some time ago now so I'll try to recall as much as I can about the issue. The first thing I'll ask is what version of Articulate are you guys running? Is it the latest? It's worth noting is that Articulate have recently released a (most welcome) update to Storyline, which for me has certainly improved stability and usability. 

Speaking as someone who has recently moved over to Mac and now utilises a Macbook Retina for Storyline, I personally prefer Bootcamp over Parallels for Storyline; it runs natively and although this is anecdotal I'm certain I saw an improvement in processing and speed. Just something to think about if you haven't already. Thus far I have not had one single glitch working on Bootcamp.

Now, onto the crashing. When we were experiencing our numerous crashes, we were at the time working on Windows 7 64 bit (the 64 bit itself may have been causing a problem, who knows), on a Dell Studio XPS. I will check with our programming team but I think the solution that finally worked for us was a clean reinstall of Windows and Storyline, AND then creating a new project and importing the old project into the new project. It's a PITA (especially when nearing deadline) but has often been our cure all when experiencing glitches or issues. I'd try importing the old project into a new one first, then move onto reinstalls and repeating the reimport.

I'd  also suggest submitting a case report, but I'm happy to wrack my brain again if my above suggestion doesn't work.

Good luck!


Katherine Manis

Thank you, Alstair,

When we took a closer look, it appeared that our developer had pulled the file to her desktop, where she assumed it was working locally. However, it was only acting as a shortcut to the network. 

Once we fixed that issue Storyline has been running much smoother. Yet, we will be implementing your suggestion: importing the old project into a new one; and, if we find that we have continual issues running parallels, we'll take a deeper look at Bootcamp.

I appreciate your suggestions, and willingness to help! 


Hannah Montroy

I am currently having this issue with my Articulate Storyline 2.0.  It has been happening for the last week.  Right now it is happening about every minute.  I am currently recording audio for a course and only about a sentence on each slide.  I cannot get through more than 3 slides before it shuts down before I can even save it.  It is driving me crazy!  What are some options.  I have restarted and I have started saving more but I cannot even keep up with saving it as often as it shuts down.

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