Storyline Large Video Recomendations

Sep 23, 2016

I have a large video (about 6hrs of record time) I plan on breaking it down into smaller sections and  adding each section to a new slide. I am trying to determine a target file size for each video.

I was not able to find any specifications for video other than file type. My video is mp4 w/ 1024 x 768 resolution.

Any details for video file size would be appreciated. I believe it is more of a trail and error, so if any one has previous experience with large video clips please share. Thank you

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Walt Hamilton

My general rule of thumb is that SL and your computer have capacities that absolutely dwarf your user's ability to focus. No matter how much you can safely cram into a file, it is wasted on your users when it exceeds the length of time it takes for their tailbone to go numb.

Personally, if it approaches 20 minutes, it plays very, very quietly in the background while I work, unless it is something I am extraordinarily motivated to see.

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