How to reduce large file size

Oct 18, 2017

Hello Everyone!

I'm working on a project in Storyline 2 that has become very large (220mb). I'm hoping someone can help with a few questions I have:

  1. Does it make any difference in file size when importing images or slides from PPT rather than creating the same slides directly in Storyline? 
  2.  Does it make a difference in size if I cut and paste an image rather than insert the image?
  3. Is there any way to see what images could be making the file so large?
  4. Or, should I not worry about it and select a smaller size when I publish?

I do not have audio or video in this project.

Thank you sooooo much for any advice you can give!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Diana,

I compared the properties for both an imported Storyline file and an original file, and found that the one I imported from PowerPoint was a little larger than my Storyline original.

I unzipped the .story files to have a closer look at their contents.  Do this by changing .story to .zip and extracting the files.  In the story > media folder, I could see my images' properties. 

My image in the Storyline original file was much larger than the imported version.  I resized the image in PowerPoint, and it imported at the smaller size.  Bringing the image directly into Storyline, however, kept it at the original file size even though I resized it there too.

Because image properties vary, it'll be hard to give you a hard and fast rule about these issues.  As you can see, even though my imported version was slightly larger, my images took up more room in the Storyline original version.

Are you having some issues with storage space for your projects?  Are you worried about file vulnerability?  I'm happy to have a look at your course if you wanted to share it here.  Or you could extract the contents and see if some of your image files are a lot bigger than you expected.  

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