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Maree Eilman

Hi Ali,

This issue is happening across several courses. Also I just recently (3/25/2016) downloaded a build.

I know the recommended RAM is less than 8 but what is the typical use of RAM for a course in Storyline? I'm currently using 8 but I have a friend that is using 16 and she doesn't have these types of issues. Could this be my problem? 

Any other suggestion? 

Ali Goulet

Hi Maree,

Thanks for the info. I would go ahead and try this solution to fix erratic behavior in Storyline 2 and see if that resolves the problem you're seeing. 

As for RAM in Storyline 2, memory usage is going to be dynamic depending upon the content in the story as well as the structure. You may find James reply here helpful to look at in regards to that. If you're meeting the minimum system requirements, however, I think that solution I shared may fix what you're experiencing. 

If you are still having trouble after trying that, I highly encourage you to reach out to our Support Engineers by submitting a case. They'll be able to help investigate this further with you. 

Maree Eilman

Hi Ali - yes I have another question. I just want to make sure that I'm on the right track and thought I would circle the wagon one more time.

I'm attaching a file (screenshot) with my system specs. Would you be able to look at them to see if they are in-line with Storyline? Also if you look you will see that I'm running in 64-bit mode and Storyline runs in 32-bit mode would that be known to cause any issues with performance? Is there a Storyline in 64-bit mode or should I not be concerned with that. 

I've yet to try the solutions you provide above, as they require me to reboot and I just don't have the time until later this evening.

Thanks again for your help.


Ali Goulet

Hi Maree,

Comparing to the minimum system requirements for Storyline 2, it does look like you meet them. There isn't a 64-bit version of Storyline 2, however both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported so that should not be interfering with the performance of your software. Many times when users are encountering erratic behavior, the solution I shared above will resolve the issues with no further action needed. :)