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Jul 17, 2015


To evaluate and learn Articulate Storyline, I have made a simple quiz. It all works fine when I run it on any PC, but when I test it with the mobile player on my Samsung Andriod phone and Samsung tablet, there are important parts missing. For instance, I have a drag and drop question where one dragable item is totally missing, so it is impossible to complete that question. I am also missing images that makes the questions look strange.

Have anyone else experienced problems like this with the mobile player? Is there a way to fix it?

You can have a look at my Quiz at

Any help would be deeply appreciated. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing your file Peter and sorry for the delay. I was able to see the issues were reporting in the published file you initially shared, but I took your .story file and published myself and do not see the same behavior.

Please be sure that you are utilizing the latest update to the software and re-publish your project.

Peter Hermansson

Hi Leslie,

I have now upgraded to the latest version (Update 5: 1505.515) but the problem is still there. From what I can see, Our startpages for the story.html looks different. When I click on your link I get the quiz with a big 'play' icon in the middle. But when I try my link, I get the quiz and a button saying 'launch'.... When I click on it my phone downloads the articulate mobile player, and the quiz opens in the player....

Peter Hermansson

I had another look atthe url's you sent. When I try the first url, everything seems to work fine, and my tablet does not start the mobile app. In the second url, the mobile app starts and I see the same issues that I have. So I am thinking that you did something different when publishing the two url's.....?

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