storyline mp4 video becomes double players in html5 output

Hi all

I need your help.

I'm using Articulate Storyline 2.

I have a base layer just with a big rectangle without video, and one slide layer with a video mp4. When user clicks the button on the base layer, he can watch the video of the slide layer playing in the same size as the rectangle.

When I publish the whole scene into html5 output, the published story.html works perfectly as I wanted - the video is playing in the same size as the big rectangle I set in the base layer.

But in the published story_html5.html, as shown in the attached image, we can see there is the first image of the video in the same size as the big rectangle, but the video is playing in the smaller size in the middle of the rectangle.

Can anyone help on this issue?

Thank you very much!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nech! 

Thanks for sharing. I published your course, and have no issue viewing the content if I share the story.html file as our publishing articles share. You can see how Storyline determines what version of your course to display in this article.

Here is a link to my published output:

Please be sure that you are utilizing a supported viewing environment as shown here.


nech nay

Thank you very much Leslie for your effort and your support.

But like I said in my post, the story.html file is good, the video is in good size. But in story_html5.html, the video is doubled. On my computer it is doubled, a smaller video player on the top the large rectangle. Will you please check it if you have time? I don't know if you will get the same screen as mine or not...

Thanks a lot a lot!

nech nay

Thank you very much Dear Leslie, for your help and taking time for re-creating a file to test.

I tested your story file in html5 output. It works fine! It doesn't show double players.

I copied your video in my story project file, when viewing the html5 output, it turns into double players! A big one fixed in the background and a smaller one playing on the top. Why?!! I'm really frustrated. Don't know what's wrong with my story file. I checked all the other setttings, all are same as yours, but why when published, it is different?

I'm not sure we can have a solution for this issue....

But thank you thank you again!

nech nay

Thank you very much for your help Leslie. Really very kind. And sorry for my late reply.

I tried a completely new file for HTML5 output. It works with Internet Explorer! But still not with Firefox, neither Chrome nor Safari on iPad - it shows a smaller player on the top of big video image. I think it may be related to different browser rendering. Anyway, user can still view the video playing in the smaller player.

I think I'll leave the problem. All of users know the html5 versions are not good as the flash versions. The html5 version is just a supplementary, but not a substitution.

Anyway, many many thanks for being there to help me through.