Storyline Neophyte: Cropping Pictures and Scrolling In

Feb 19, 2015


I am brand new to Storyline as of today.  I am trying to do a split screen in Storyline.  Here  are my questions so far.  Can anyone direct me to some help:

1)  How do I crop pictures in Storyline?

2)  Can I get the images to scroll in with the narration in Storyline?  For instance, I want to show crochet hooks on the left screen and a ball of yarn on the right.  Can I start out with the hooks and then have the image of the ball of yarn scroll in timed with the narration?  How do I do that?

3)  The pictures don't seem to lend themselves to side by side presentation.  I could do one on the top and one on the bottom.  How do I get them to fill the half of the screen without looking weird?

I hope someone can help me.  I really don't know what I'm doing.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Joan,

You may be able to achieve what you need by using animations, and having the image set to come in at a certain time in the timeline. You can use triggers for that, or you can move the item in the timeline itself.

If you have a file you could share, we may be able to take a closer look, and help with a set up or additional ideas.


Joan Loshek

Hi Emily,

I am grateful for your response! You have no idea. Here is the screen shot that I've been working with. The narration will say: "You're taking this e-learning module because you want to use a few tools like these . . .

hooks and


My idea was that the hooks would be on the slide. Then when it came time to say hooks and yarn, the yar would come on the screen either side by side or top and below. I'm not sure what will work best with these images. Can you help? Please advise. This is only Day 2 of using this product.
Thank you!

Emily Ruby

Hi Joan,

When you reply via email the attachments will not come through to the post. You will need to use the add attachment button directly in the post. If you want to item to show up when a specific word is said, you can move that item in the timeline by dragging it to the point where the audio is stated. 

The animations can be used to make it show up in a specific way, like to fade in or to grow, or even slide in.

Joan Loshek

Hi Emily,

Here is a screen shot of the images I'm working with.  I want the crochet hooks to be on the screen and then for the yarn to appear.  The images could be either side-by-side or the hooks on top and the yarn on the bottom.  The yarn would be timed to come in with the narration.  How can I get this slide to look great and do what I envision it doing?

Thanks again, Joan.

Emily Ruby

Hello Joan!

As far as the pictures themselves, it looks like you may need to use a photo editor to remove the backgrounds, if you want those gone. Maybe Photoshop or Gimp? I am sure others can give their opinions on which ones work best.

As far as bringing them onto the slide, you can play around with the different animations to see which would work best for your situation. I attached a file with a few ideas, obviously not with your images. I have the Yarn ball set to come in at 3 seconds.

Joan Loshek

Hi Emily,
I'm working on adding the narration to my course. I've found information about how to record the audio. Here's what I'm not clear about. Do I record the audio screen by screen? Or do I record the entire e-learning module. The module is relatively short. There are only about 18 slides, and the content is not text-heavy. I'm guess what I'm trying to say is that I expect the narration to move fairly quickly.

Also, one other question. I would like to have the script for the narration included with the e-learning module. In this way, learners would be able to choose between listening to the narration or reading the script, whichever they prefer. Where can I find information about how to do this?

One other question: I have a short 22 second video I'd like to include in my module. I envisioned that learners would get to the video if they wished by clicking a video button. How do I make this happen. THanks for your help this week.

Emily Ruby

Hi Joan!

It would be best to record your narration slide by slide, as Storyline does not support a Playlist type audio that would span over slides. If you did record it all, you would then need to chop up the audio file for each slide.  If you wanted to add the script, you could use the Notes tab to add these in. If you wanted them to choose, you could create a button in the beginning of the course to either play audio, or not, then assign a variable to the play audio button (lets call it PLAY)  to change upon clicking. Then you would need to set a trigger to play the audio per slide on timeline start If the PLAY variable is = the change you had made.

As far as the Video, you could add that in its own slide and use a button anywhere in the course that would trigger them to jump to the slide with the video. Hope this helps!

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