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Oct 15, 2014

My apologies if this has been raised before (I always get a blank when performing a search on this site).

I have had some issues In Storyline 2 where the project has been published in a restricted player.  In Storyline 2 the user cannot proceed if the base timeline has not completed (in Storyline 1 the restriction was menu-based, not timeline-based).

 If a slide has a layer and that layer has the option "Pause timeline of base layer" checked then the published slide will lock up.  It can't progress because the base timeline hasn't finished and the timeline can't finish because it's been told not to.

This is particularly frustrating when dealing with an older project that has been authored in Storyline 1 and been updated by Storyline 2. It has caused many complaints from clients who suddenly can't progress their locked courses.

Has anyone else had that problem?  Is this a (known) bug?


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Steve Lyne

Thanks Wendy....but now I'm REALLY confused.

Here is a response from the ever-helpful Jonathan when I had this issue occur on another project.

Hi Steve,


Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!


In Articulate Storyline 1, restricted and locked navigation settings only affected the menu. In contrast, the navigation settings in Articulate Storyline 2 affect both the menu and the player buttons, making it much easier to control the overall navigation for your course.

When I asked if it was the case...

"that in Storyline 2 you can never set the layer option

Pause Timeline of Base Layer without hiding that layer(to release the base

timeline) if you want to have a restricted player?"

his response was..

Hi Steve,

Yes it looks like it. It pauses the base layer even ifthat option is not checked. That would be a bug.

By the way, I've reported this to our Quality AssuranceTeam already.

We'll email you if there's an update on this issue.


Jonathan Reque

Customer Support Engineer

Articulate Support -


In any event, I am having the situation now where the published course will not progress at all on certain slides.

Emily Ruby

Hello Steve!

I hope the QA team has an answer for you on this.

In the meantime, you could change the navigation to free temporarily, or you can use a custom next button and disable the player one.

Also in the thread linked above, one member suggested using a blank slide as the base layer as a workaround. Hopefully one of these options will work.

Bobbi Bailey

Oh... and to make this a little more rapid, what I did was

  • Click the "duplicate layer" button on the base layer, then with the base layer selected, clicked Ctrl-A to select everything on the base layer and hit delete. 
  • Change your timeline length to however long you want it to be before the next button works (I set mine to 0.25 seconds!)
  • From the story view, (looking at ALL slides/scenes), I again Ctrl-A, unchecked the next and previous buttons and then re-checked them.  This put the default jump to previous and jump to next triggers back on the base slides.
  • On first slide created my trigger to show the newly duplicated layer upon timeline start, then used the copy/paste button to paste it on each of my slides.  After I pasted the trigger, it shows "unassigned" for the layer, but you can easily select that link and then select the newly duplicated layer.
Steve Lyne

Thanks, Bobbi. Looking at your profile picture it would be an awful shame for you to go bald - but here I'm perhaps being inappropriate (which we often are down here in Australia!).

It looks as though we're not alone in this.  It seems an bad error in logic for this change to have been made in SL2 (but more than made up for by having the autosave function - Yes!!!).  It is self-contradictory to have the NEXT button rely on the base layer timeline completing but also have the layer function option of pausing the base layer timeline!

I also think there is a bug that sometimes prevents the base timeline from ever completing - Support are looking at that  - maybe the bug is picked up when translating an SL1 project into SL2.

Thanks heaps for letting me know I'm not the only one having this issue.

I'll reprint this in your thread.


Bobbi Bailey


LOL, thank you and yes, I think it would be a darn shame if I went bald (especially because of silly programmatic design!).  I am truly hoping that this is a bug/flaw in the new version and that Articulate will soon deploy an update or patch to correct this.  

In the meantime, although not pretty nor convenient, I will forge forward with this work-around.

Best of luck to you!


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