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Jannicke Wilhelmsen

I know it doesn't work very well on Android. Support for Android devices is not currently available in Storyline. If running on Android you need to publish to HTML5, but there are a lot of things not working.

See this chart: http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=st1&id=1568gg1ayot2

Juanjo Haro

Hi, Peter... I've installed the update in another computer and publish the course again and now it seems to works. The tester had reported some issues but i don't know exactly wich ones. I'm waiting for the answer...

What I noticed  is that the issues that i have with the test are solved, i don`t know if is the update...

When the tester told me, i write here is things worked or not. 

I have the course running fine in flash en html 5 with the Reload Scorm Player and the only think is to have it worked on ipad and a issue with Saba reported from the client tested that i posted here: 


I'm really anxious to get the ok from everybody involved and buy the software to begin a new way to make e-learning.

Juanjo Haro

Can't believe!!! One step ahead, two back!!! :(

Now, the course dis not work and neither Ipad 1 or 2!!!! 

I have changed the scormfunctions.js (in the articulate program folder) with the one with the SABA update and i think these is the problem, cause i'm running moodle on ipda, so i restore the original file and republish but now it does not work!!! This is horrible... i can't understand why

I upload the published course here, the one who i upload to the moodle

Can you help me? Can you see what may be wrong in that file?


Juanjo Haro

And if I load the content via http://myweb/story_html5.html it runs on IPad 1 but not in Ipad 2...

I can't understand, the problem with ipad 2 was solved yesterday ... the only diference is that the fisrt attemp the course was expordted at my home with the demo running in windows 7 and this attemp was on my job exported with the demo running on windows XP.

Juanjo Haro

Can I submit a case when working on a demo? It demands the serial number...

Otherwiese the story file is 1 gb size. 

I'm creating another demo test from scracth to see if it works if, there is possible to submit without serial, i'll try to upload this that it will be lighter...

If it counts, 3 messages top from this, is the course compiled ready to test in scorm. Maybe you can test it on Ipad and see what happens.

This is so desperating, one step forward, two back...

Thank so much for your help and patience. I can`t see the day all that works and begin using this software for every course...