Storyline object stays viewable in Articulate Mobile Player?

When publishing in Articulate Storyline I selected the content to be viewable in the Articulate Mobile player but did not select "allow downloading for offline viewing". I published under the "web" tab in Storyline even though this will be available in an LMS (it's a very simplistic item). When going into the LMS and clicking on the link via the ipad, the item shows up in the content payer and is able to play as it is supposed to (and is not visible if I turn my wi-fi off which is good). My question is, what is to stop someone from keeping an item on their ipad once it is in their library? Even though I have made it unavailable for download, the item keeps showing up in the library. What am I missing?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amanda,

Once it's in the library there isn't a way for you to remove or delete it. The offline viewing refers to if the user doesn't have an internet connection being able to allow the user to continue playing it. If you've not set it up for offline viewing the only way to stop the user from playing it again would be to change the hosting location.