Storyline Output Bundling into an exe file

Aug 03, 2016

An eLearning vendor that we worked with created a single-file .exe output for a Storyline2 project. I thought it was pretty slick, and I would like to create something for our offline customers to view. 


Have any of you used a .exe Storyline output bundler, and if so are there any software options that you recommend I use or avoid?

Please feel free to contact me directly if you would prefer to discuss this outside of the open forum.

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Brian Dennis

Here's one of many posts in the forums regarding single .exe publishing:

While I agree .exe is nice from a package delivery format, the native multi-file SL publishing model is way more flexible. Publish to CD, zip things up and deliver a single .zip file to a client. They unzip, and open story.html in their browser and presto. Works on tons of devices, unlike .exe which are Windows native applications.

Michael O.


One of the reasons that someone may want to use an .exe is that it can be put on a CD-Rom along with the autorun then the launch the .exe when the disk is inserted.  There is a way to script an autorun that launches the story.html. Depending on how the learner has their browser and security settings, the experience for the learner may not be as simple and clean as an .exe. 

Brian Dennis

Windows autorun batch files can use "start story.html" (with the correct relative path coded) to launch the content in the system's default web browser just fine. As you note, security policies set by Windows (and Storyline - e.g. disabled javascript for local content) may cause things to not quite function as expected.

I use autorun myself for pure HTML projects when needed, just playing within the security confines imposed by the operating system and web browser.

Crystal Horn

Hi Steve!  Looks like you are getting some help here.  I'd also like to share this article about publishing and sharing your course (though it sounds like you are already familiar with the behavior of publishing for local viewing).  

If you haven't already, please feel free to reach out in our Building Better Courses forum for some other out-of-the-box ideas.  :)

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