Storyline Picture in Picture Video

Nov 14, 2012


What would be a recommended way to execute a picture-in-picture video within Storyline?

What I have is a video of a presentation (which would be the larger video in the player window) and then I have video of the speaker, which I want to put in a smaller video window.

Ideally, I would love it if I could have the small speaker video on the left above the table of contents navigation, but I don't know if that is possible.

Is the only option to add two video windows to the right contents pane?

Before I go down the path of hours of trial and error, I hope that I can get some guidance from the experienced souls here

Thank you!!!


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Anna Oftedal

I keep chiming in on the question, but another thought  . . . I also have Articulate Studio / Presenter, so if the video in video or video on left nav is better suited to or available in Presenter, I am happy to use that .

See all the options going through my head? I have extremely little time to produce this, and I don't want to go down the wrong path.

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