Storyline Player HIDDEN in IE11


After publishing a very simple course using Articulate 360 as SCORM 1.2, I experience the following issue. When I launch the course on our Cornerstone LMS, after the first slide automatically advances, the player (course) is minimized and is hidden by other windows that are open. 

This does not happen in Chrome. Chrome is not supported by our company

Any solutions are appreciated. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

I'd be speaking with your LMS administrator. I published your file and uploaded to Scormcloud (industry standard free LMS for testing) and viewed in IE11 browser without is Peek video and here is a link to the 'everything known about Cornerstone' post that might help you troubleshoot. It's 23 pages long - you might want to skip to the last page and work back for recent comments.

Hope that helps