Storyline Player "Next" button won't advance to next scene

Feb 27, 2013

I'm sure this is a configuration problem that I've just been unable to find, but I'm having a problem with the Storyline player. My file publishes fine to LMS. My CBT has several scenes, and the player advances (by user) fine from one slide to the next INSIDE the scene. However, when the user reaches the end of a scene, the "Next" button does nothing when clicked to advance into the first slide of the next scene. Instead, the user has to go to the displayed menu and click the next scene's first slide before the player will advance. This happens with each new scene.

I'd really like for the player to advance through every slide when the user clicks "Next," regardless of whether its the end of a scene.


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Peter Anderson

Thanks for the file, Vicki! 

You should be all set now. It was just that the end of each scene hadn't been linked to the next scene yet. If you click on each individual scene in Story View of your original file, you'll see the end link at the bottom of each scene, indicatiing that no link had been made. You can click on that and choose which scene you'd like to link it to. 

I've attached the edited version with all scenes linking to the appropriate one.

Project looks good, by the way

Jason Morris

Peter, I'm not able to link one particular scene to any other and feel this may be my problem during revisiting the last slide of the scene, the next button will not forward. 

The scene in question only contains two slide, both are graded question slides.  Once the learner answers the second question, the feedback layer "continue" button moves them to the next scene.  However, when revisiting, my previous buttons work but the next button on the second of two slides within the scene will not move me forward. 

My only work around has been to keep the feedback layer showing and the user has to click the continue button (instead of the next button) to move forward. 

What am I doing wrong?!  How come I don't have an option to link this particular scene with the following scene?

Thanks in advance.


Jason Morris

Hi Leslie, thanks for your response.   The current trigger is pictured below, which makes sense given this is a graded question slide.  What isn't happening is during the revisiting of the slide.  A next button appears when revisiting, however, it doesn't move the user to the next scene, or anything.  How can I apply a trigger to the next button that appears upon revisiting? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jason! I apologize for not getting back with you, but the forums have been hopping  

So, it looks like you have a correct/incorrect layer for your question. Can you not set the trigger for the 'continue' button on these layers to jump to scene instead of the standard jump to next slide? Would that help accomplish your goal?

Jason Morris

I have already done that works as expected.  What's not expected is when the learner revisits the slide.  Upon revisiting, a next button is added by Storyline which to me indicates I can use that to move forward instead of clicking on the continue button from the learner's previous attempt at the question.  I have to leave the feedback layer unhidden upon revisit in order for the user to not get "stuck" if they were to revisit previous material.

Susan Tescione

My current glitch is that the first scene of every story file will not link to the second scene, even when the trigger for the Next  button is "Jump to the next scene when the user clicks the next button."  I've tried inserting a new slide.  I've tried resetting triggers.  I've tried importing slides from other  presentations. Nothing works.  I just want to get from Scene 1 to scene 2.

Eriko Augustus

I hope you can help me.  I am revising one of the old storyline 3 contents and one of the slide (test result page 2.12 ) does not jump to the next slide.  I checked all the triggers and even added player trigger "next", but that does not work either.  I am working on my local file, not on cloud.  It seems like those next buttons always jump to the first slide of the scene 2, to repeat the scene, instead of next slide, 2.17.  Thank you for your help.

Eriko Augustus

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Hi Ren,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I fixed it, but I still don't know why the state of the slide  "automatically decide" would let the slide going to next.  The next slide is always newly visited, so next button should not be affected by the state... that what I thought...  

Anyway, thank you!

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