Storyline problem -- menu progression (completed)

Hi everyone! I have not been able to achieve that in my formation with 5 scenes, each one with a quiz at the end, it is redirected to the menu and shows it as completed.  I have tried with layers in the MENU but I don't know how to connect the approval of the quiz with the progression in the menu. Could you please tell me how I could do it? Thanks a lot for your help.

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Judy Nollet

Here's a post about custom menu slides that might help you: 

However, custom menu slides are typically used instead of the built-in menu. The course you linked to in review shows the built-in menu. And the navigation isn't restricted, so the user can click on any item in that menu at time. That defeats the purpose of a custom menu. 

FYI: Here's more info about different ways to control navigation: 

Judy Nollet

If you want more help, you should upload the .story file. That would help anyone willing to troubleshoot the issue.

I'm not going to step through an entire course to try to figure out what's wrong. Troubleshooting a published course is incredibly inefficient. It can only rely on guesswork, because it's impossible to see the underlying programming. 

I suggest you start a new discussion that includes the .story file, as well as details about what you're trying to accomplish and where exactly the problem is. That will make your question more visible and more likely to be solved quickly.

Teacher NotHR

In my opinion the next big step for Storyline is to have tools that help create custom menu slides and facilitate non linear learning. But, these don't exist yet, so this might be helpful:

  1. create a variable called something like Quiz 1 complete, make it a number variable and a default of 0
  2. on the last quiz question add a trigger that is conceptually like -  when the user clicks the submit button change the value of Quiz1 complete to 1 (instead of the default 0)
  3. Back on your main menu slide add a trigger that is conceptually something like - at the start of timeline, if quiz1 complete variable = 1 then change the state of your scene 1 button to visited or disabled instead of normal

In the example here - there are 3 chapters or scenes, 1 = Set up, 2= Equipment, and 3 = production. The user would select any button and it will take them to that scene with a dozen or so slides describing that content. On the last slide in each scene I add the type of variable described above, and a button that says return to main menu. When the user returns to the main menu,  the menu slide has that variable trigger that says change state of button to visited if variable =1.

So as you see here, the student has already visited the set up scene, and would now choose Equipment or Production to continue in the course