Storyline Project Issues

May 09, 2023

I am creating, what I would consider to be a rather complex "calculator" that could be used to aid in merchandising strategies.  Originally, I didn't have any issues, but as I have neared completion the project moves rather slowly and will lock up and crash from time to time.  I am curious if the issue could be related to the number of variables that I have or if I would have better luck moving some of the "formulas" to a javascript function rather than having each step in the formula written out line by line.  Any advice on building more complicated "calculators" would be greatly appreciated.


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Steve Gannon

Daniel, it's unlikely that the number of variables or triggers is causing the problem (unless you have thousands of one or the other). 

Do you happen to have a lot of text entry or numeric entry input boxes on a single slide? If so, be sure you have the latest (April 18th) version of Storyline installed. The latest released fixed a long-standing issue with severe lag when multiple input fields were used on a slide. You can see the release notes here: 

Daniel Clark

I looked and it appears that I do have the most up to date version of Storyline 360.  

Are there other issues that are known to cause issues.  The problem becomes more apparent when I am testing and adjust one variable too quickly after I adjusted the previous variable. In particular, I created a drop down menu using different layers and references, and if I choose them too quickly it freezes and crashes.

Steve Gannon

I think your approach needs to be re-architected. Your ToggleYield variable is being toggled whenever quite a number of variables change, and when ToggleYield changes, it goes through a long list of computation triggers which in turn are changing the many variables that are toggling ToggleYield.

Storyline is able to eventually go back and forth and work through the long list of computation triggers but the effort is one of "do this, now do that, oops...go back and do this again..." and so on; thus, it appears Storyline has froze up but in fact it's just having to do all this redundant work so it's taking a very, very long time.

It might be better to put your ToggleYield computation set on a layer and change the setting of that layer to pause the base layer while all that works through, and then hide the ToggleYield layer to return to the base layer.