Storyline Publish to LMS Tracking Question - PLEASE HELP!!

Jun 15, 2018

Hi eLearning Heroes community,

I have a Storyline 360 course with a mandatory graded quiz at the end that is being used and tracked in SuccessFactors/SAP. Monthly reports are being generated by our LMS team and sent to the client team, showing which users passed and which users failed. This client team has asked for the report to only show after 3 failures at this quiz, not after each failure. 

I already have a trigger/condition on the Retry Course button I placed on the Failure layer>Results slide after the quiz, that allows only 3 attempts. However, currently each time a user fails the quiz, that report is going out to the LMS. What they need is for the report of a failure to go out to the LMS only after that 3rd failure of the quiz.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this either in the publishing settings or adjusting triggers/conditions/variables on the Failure layer>Results slide?

Thanks very much!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jennifer! 

Is the "Submit Results" trigger on the base layer of the Results Slide? If so, the quiz results will be submitted each time the learner visits that slide. To prevent this from happening, try this:

  • Remove the "Submit results" trigger from the base layer.
  • Open the Success layer, and add the "Submit results when the timeline starts on the Success layer" trigger there.
  • Open the Failure layer, and add the same trigger, but this time, with a condition: "Submit results when the timeline starts on the Failure layer on the condition that the Attempts variable = to 3.00."

Give it a go, and let me know if you see an improvement!

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