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Julius Pecson

Hi all- This has recently become an issue for me as well. Everything worked fine before I updated to Storyline 3, but now whenever I try to export a Word doc, it goes through the motions but it always ends up being a blank Word doc file. I tried with all my Storyline files and even created test files and everything still exports as a blank Word doc. File names are short, I tried various (short) file paths (Desktop), but no luck. Please help!

Crystal Horn

Hey Julius.  Thanks for working so hard to find a way around this issue.  First, can you have a look at the version of Word you're using?   You can use Microsoft Word 2010 or later (32-bit or 64-bit) with Storyline 3.

Next, can you check if you have any custom File Block settings enabled in Word?  

If everything checks out with those two angles, let's get you in touch with our support team for a deeper look at what's happening.

Crystal Horn

Thanks, Julius.  I gave your information to our support team so they can dig in.  You should get a general email from support, and once your case is assigned, an engineer will email you directly.

If you'd like to attach a .story file, and perhaps a screenshot of your Word publishing settings, there's an upload link in the general email.  I'll keep up with the case, too, and post any updates here.  Thanks!