Storyline Quiz 2 Attempts and Locked Answers


I've added variables and triggers to my quiz so it only allows 2 attempts. It works fine, however if the user fails the first attempt and then uses the menu to review content slides and then returns to quiz again for a second attempt, the answers are locked and can't be selected.

Quiz works fine if fails first attempt and then clicks retry button. It's only when user goes to the menu and then returns to the quiz again. I do want to allow the user the ability to view course content if they choose to do so before they complete their second attempt.

Any idea how to accomplish this, or what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks. I can provide sample file if that would help.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Stephen, 

The RETRY QUIZ button has the trigger to reset the quiz questions. So you need to ensure that the users always have to return to the Results slide to restart the quiz from there (or give them the option to execute that trigger on another slide). 

FYI: the Results slide doesn't / can't show up in the built-in Menu. The workaround for that is to insert a slide named "Results" (or something similar) just before the actual Results. Program the fake Results to immediately jump to the real Results when the timeline starts. You'd probably also need to add instructions about returning to Results to retake the quiz. 

Whether you allow users to get to Results from the Menu or not, I recommend having an intro-to-quiz slide before the actual questions. Make that slide visible in the Menu, but remove all the actual question slides from the Menu. You could then use variables and conditions so clicking Next on that slide goes to the 1st question IF it's the first time the user is taking the test. Otherwise, clicking Next goes to the Results slide if the quiz needs to be reset. 

Another option would be to copy the RETRY QUIZ button to the quiz intro, and include triggers so it only shows for the 2nd attempt. 

Stephen Lee

Thanks for your reply. Some good options there. I think I'll just include a Retry button on quiz intro slide to appear in on 2nd attempt and add a message to tell them to return to intro slide after reviewing content.

Would be nice if Storyline had some of this functionality built-in to make it easier for allowing and tracking # of attempts.