Storyline Quiz - audio should play on Retry but not Review buttons

Sep 16, 2013

Hi. I have a question - probably regarding a variable.

The requirement:

An 11 question bank of quiz questions in Storyline, with 5 questions drawn at random.

All questions have audio

The option to Review and Retry the quiz

The audio must not play on Review but should play on Retry

The issue:

I've set the quiz slides up with a variable and a trigger so that the audio media is paused when review mode is equal to true (i.e. the audio doesn't play when the user reviews the quiz).

The slide properties for each quiz slide is set to Resume to saved state, to ensure the results are not lost when the user Reviews the quiz.

When the user Retries the quiz, the audio doesn't play.


How can I get the audio to play when the quiz is retried?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Li! You're slide properties are what drives this, so having them to be set to 'Resume to saved state' is probably causing your issue. In order for the audio to re-start, you would need them to be set to "Resume to initial state'. With the variable that you have created, have you tried to set it up like this? It's hard to understand this 'blindly' and if you could share your .story file that would probably be helpful as well so that we can understand what we are working with.

Li Whybrow

Hi Leslie - thanks for the reply. Yes, i set the properties of the quiz slides to Reset to initial state. However, this caused the results slide to reset as well when the user reviews the quiz (so the result is lost). Just wondered if there is a work-around?

The file is too large to post here, but can dropbox it and share with you.

Stephanie B


I'm having the exact same problem! My slides are set to 'resume saved state' to preserve the answers when the user reviews the quiz, but the audio then doesn't play when they retry the quiz. I've set a true/false variable on the Results Slide, which is false initially but set to true when the user clicks on the Review button, or false when they click on the Retry button. Then on the question slide I've set the audio to play on timeline start only when the variable is false. Now the audio does play on the Retry but also on the Review, even though I've set the variable not to! Help would be appreciated

I can put the file on Dropbox if you like but not sure how to share the link...



Daniel Servan

I am having the same issue and have a possible solution.

I'm thinking of moving the Audio into the LAYER.
Add a variable isReview = False.
On Timeline start, check the variable isReview. If it is FALSE, Show the Audio Layer.

On a button REVIEW QUIZ, set the variable isReview = True.
On a Try Again Quiz button or Start Quiz button, set the variable isReview = False.

Hope this helps

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