Storyline Quiz - No Pass/Fail - Question Results Only

Hi all, 

We are creating Word/Excel/Outlook quizzes for new hire candidates. Not for a pass/fail but just to determine what training somebody would need if they would be hired. 

For example, if they get a particular Excel question wrong it would determine what Excel course they need to take when they get hired. We do not want them to see the results, but we want to see question by question results on the back end. 

Is that something that is possible? 


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Sam Hill

Hi Greg, are you using an LMS that can take SCORM courses? If so, you can track the users responses to those questions. You can use Survey question slides, with a Survey Result Slide that processes the answers to those questions. In order to make sure that the users responses are sent to the LMS, you will need to set the Tracking option to the Results slide when publishing the module as SCORM.

Let me know if you need any clarification.