Storyline Quiz results are wrong

Hi I created a storyline quiz drawing from 4 separate question banks equating to the user answering 50 questions out of a total of 110.  On a number of occasions the result passed to Results.scorePoints is not correct, ie. a number of users are being given a score less than they should be.  My LMS is Moodle - could this be the issue. The logs confirm that the given number of correct answers should amount to a higher score. Please help.


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David Sweeney

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the response.  I have yes - it appears to be a random occurrence and there are required questions from each bank.  We did recently add a bank and some questions within the other banks but they are all included (I think?).  I thought that we may have inadvertently applied a lower score to some questions but this does not appear to be the case either.

Wendy Farmer

Hi David

the setup looks ok to me so I'm stumped. 

  • All questions have a response checked (sometimes if a question drops it's selected radio button that can skew results)
  • All questions are score 'by question' not 'by choice'
  • All questions have the same point value of 2 points correct answer.
  • The result slide contains all four QBanks
  • The results variables look correct

Unless you have some actual examples of the incorrect scoring it's hard to diagnose what's causing it.

I would be uploading to Scormcloud and running a few tests to see if you can isolate a question or set of questions that aren't scoring correctly.

Sorry I wasn't any help perhaps Leslie's keen eye will be able to help you

Good back what the answer is when you find out.

David Sweeney

Thanks Wendy. No I haven't tried uploading to Scormcloud yet.  The more I delve into it the more I think it is a problem with communication with Moodle.  An example is the user gets 4 questions wrong out of 50 and at the end of the quiz is shown a result of 92 as expected. However when I look at the results in Moodle I see 82 for some reason. The log shows he answered 46 questions correctly but still only gives 82 as the raw score. Confused!!!!!

Christie Pollick

Hi, David -- In addition to the info provided by Leslie and Wendy, I thought you might find the following articles to be of some assistance, as well:

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Please feel free to update here with the outcome of your correspondence with Moodle for others who may benefit! :)