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Jun 13, 2012

Hi all,


I like to test out new ideas and find myself creating fake quiz questions again and again.  That got a little old, so I decided to create a reusable quiz template with 10 of every question type, and two different graded response screens (one with Review/Retry/Print, one with scores only). 


I thought you all might like it too.


Download it here: QuizTemplate.story 


To use it, just import selected slides into your projects.


 Here are some ways you  might use this:

1.    LMS testing – you have a client who wants to test Storyline’s ability to track, score, etc. in their LMS before they decide to build their course in it or buy it.

2.    Dummy content – You want to test the functionality of a new scenario or testing flow, and you don’t have all the information from your client yet.

3.    Helping on the forums – You are helping someone on the forums by making a mock up or answering a question and don’t feel like making up test questions.

4.    Presentations – you have to make a presentation (either for a client or in front of a crowd) and need to show quiz examples.

5.    Learning – You’ve never used some of these question types, and want to see them in action.


What other ways can you think of to put this to good use?

Here’s a Screenr with a quick tour of the template and instructions on how to import the slides into your project. (It's my first Screenr, so go easy on me)  


Hope this helps you do your job better!



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Wow, Jill. Thanks so much! I also create quizzes or go back to find something I'd created and saved that may, or may NOT, work for something I'm testing, so this is SUCH a great resource. As you suggested, I do this also when helping community members.

I think your Screenr was great! So congrats on that.

Quick question: do you think there should be instructions also about how to save this as a template, and where the default Storyline template directory is?

Thanks again for sharing this.

Stephanie  Nesbitt

Hi Jill, I know I am a bit late to this post, but I am fairly new to the Storyline family and just stumbled upon your post.  From all the comments this sounds like an awesome file to have in your toolkit, however, I am unable to access the file.  It appears to be directing me to and then it times out and I receive a page full of jibberish (attached).  I would love to at least view the file.  Is it possible for you to upload the .story file again?

Thank you!

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